Peter White


We have established ourself as the world’s leader in large scale agricultural processing, industrial manufacturing and wholesale trading of goods in high demand. Zema Resources is your trading mall, we deal in all. Whatever it is you need to import, we have it in stock. Our business principle is based on partnerships and we have numerous partnerships with the world’s leading brands and manufacturers. We link you to top quality at the cheapest prices.
We continually strive to increase our share of value-added solutions relative to bulk products sales world wide

We give out totally our first class product Diary, Edible, Drinks, Agricultural base on customers demands. Our value-added solutions are based on our expert knowledge of customer needs. A value-added solution is not just a final product but also a complex bundle of services, such as customisation, problem-solving, market advice, delivery systems, technical support and whatever else is needed to meet our customer’s needs.

We are a general trading company providing small and medium-sized enterprises with efficient and cost-effective international trade consulting services and a platform. Our main aim is to increase sales or structure their business in a sustainable way, especially through our integrated eCommerce marketplace

Established in 1995 has grown in prominence as the chief Exporter and Supplier of a huge variety of products. We have tie-ups with well-known vendors who provide us with tested and quality assured products. Our huge assortment of products range from Agricultural products to Food & Beverage, beans and lentils, cosmetics and much more.